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A Message from the Inspector General:

The Baltimore City Office of the Inspector General (OIG) was created in 2005 to be the “watchdog” over City practices by ensuring accountability at all levels within City governance, operations and services.  Our goal is to improve City efficiency through the elimination of identified financial waste, fraud and abuse.  The mission of the OIG is to provide trust in City government to the citizens of Baltimore.

It is my honor and privilege to serve as Baltimore City’s Inspector General.  I am committed to use my decades of expertise and experience to lead our OIG staff in the pursuit of our goals and mission.  I consider the position of the Inspector General as that of the “People’s Investigator.”

The OIG needs the help of citizens and City employees to assist us with our goal.  Specifically, we need help identifying issues and concerns related to financial waste, fraud and abuse.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office by one of our several means of communication listed below.  All methods of communication are confidential, and you can choose to remain anonymous.  Should we determine the information falls within our purview, we will conduct a thorough and fair investigation.  Our findings and recommendations will be based solely on the facts and evidence gathered.  These findings will be made available for public review if the law so allows.

Citizens of Baltimore City deserve a government that is efficient, honest and working for the greater good of the people that live and work in this magnificent city.  With your help, we can make that happen.


Isabel Mercedes Cumming

Inspector General Isabel Mercedes Cumming







The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the City of Baltimore was authorized by Executive Order, which was signed by Mayor Martin O’Malley on July 27, 2005.

The Mission of the Office of the Inspector General is to promote accountability, efficiency and integrity in City government. One way that we carry out that mission is by investigating complaints of fraud, waste and abuse. The OIG will consider all complaints of fraud, waste and abuse involving:

  • Any City employee;
  • Any municipal officer, including heads of City departments, agencies, bureaus, and all persons exercising comparable authority;
  • Any member of a City board or commission;
  • Any individual, organization or business receiving City-granted funds or other benefits, including, but not limited to, loans, grants, tax credits, below market rate property transfers, tax increment financing, payment in lieu of taxes or other City subsidies of any kind;
  • Any individual, organization or business providing goods or services to the City pursuant to a City contract; or
  • Any individual, organization or business seeking certification of eligibility to provide goods or services to the City pursuant to a contract.

The Executive Order states that all municipal officers and City employees shall promptly provide to the Inspector General any information, document, report, record, account or other material requested by the Inspector General in connection with any formal investigation.

The Inspector General may, with the approval of the City Solicitor, issue a subpoena, to require any person to appear under oath as a witness; or require the production of any information, document, report, record, account, or other material. The Inspector General may enforce any subpoena issued in any court of competent jurisdiction.

The Office of the Inspector General

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