OIG Hotline

OIG Hotline Flier


Baltimore City residents, contractors and City employees can call the OIG Hotline to report fraud, waste and abuse. 

What to report on the OIG Hotline:

  • Suspected violations of law, rules or regulations
  • Significant misconduct
  • Significant mismanagement and waste of City funds
  • Abuses of power
  • Criminal conflicts of interest
  • Bribes, kickbacks or bid rigging
  • Whistleblower reprisal
  • Fraudulent travel claims
  • Contract or procurement fraud
  • Theft, misuse or abuse of City property
  • Workers' compensation fraud
  • Embezzlement of City funds

Click here for a Glossary of OIG Terms

What to expect when calling the OIG Hotline:

When calling the OIG Hotline, callers may speak to an OIG employee, who will ask a series of questions regarding the complaint.  At times, due to call volume or scheduling, an analyst will be unavailable to speak with the caller directly. However, if the caller leaves their basic contact information, an OIG employee will be in touch as quickly as possible.