OIG Independence

Thank you Baltimore City

Thank you Baltimore City for overwhelmingly voting for Questions F- the Independence for Office of Inspector General! The Baltimore City Charter Amendment Article X received the highest vote with 83% in the election. Independence fosters accountability, transparency, and integrity in government, providing the office with subpoena powers to undertake investigations without political influence or pressure. The Inspector General shall serve a 6-year term, and can only be appointed or removed by a quorum of four members of the new Advisory Board. The Inspector-General would like to especially thank Mayor Catherine Pugh for her support throughout this process; Councilman Ryan Dorsey, who introduced the Independence bill and worked with the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition to bring the bill before the City Council; and all of the City Councilmen and women who supported this measure. Many thanks to The Baltimore Sun and The Daily Record for its endorsements. History was made with the passage of this Baltimore City Charter Amendment Article  X.

Mayor Pugh signing the OIG Bill.

Mayor Pugh signing the OIG Independence Bill